NEW IN! Pastel crown wallets

Recently, I  bought two beautiful wallets for me and my sis, light pink  and baby blue. They are pretty much the same, except the size is a bit different. The pink is 13.5 x 9 cm while the blue one is slightly bigger : 14.5 x 9.5 cm, probably because i have ordered them from different sellers on eBay. Still, the measurements are correctly written, so just pay attention. You can better see the deviation of sizes on the picture below .

Here are some additional photos, just because I  couldn't resist taking photos of them, and of course choosing only couple of them :)

 Although they are quite small, there is enough space for the cards and changes with a zipper. Yet, you have to fold the paper money, but that is not so important, at least for me.

I love the little crown on the zipper so much, it is so cute.

 Also, there is extra space for your iPhone, mobile phone...Having problem with listening to music? Not any more, because there is a hole intended just for that. Incredible, right? 

 To sum it all up, I am more than satisfied with the product in general. 

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